All Sew Toot patterns require reinforcement stitching, whether that is bar-tacking, overlocking/overcasting, or creating x-boxes to secure straps and webbing.

The x-box is one we use very often. It’s also known by quite a few names–  box tack, box stitch, box x stitch [am I forgetting any?].  Anyway, this is a critical reinforcement stitch so it is important to know the basics of creating an x-box and then perfecting it for professional looking carriers.

I’ve created this printable to illustrate how to construct an x-box and also let you practice on your sewing machine.


If you’re new to sewing practice sheets, this is a perfect way to get extra use out of old, dull needles and to give aspiring sewists [you know, the ones always unthreading your machine] a chance to practice sewing controlled lines and pivoting.

You can use a heavier paper to do this and either thread your machine or leave it unthreaded.