I get asked about the purpose of the D-rings on Sew Toot carriers pretty frequently so I figured that I would take some time to elaborate on the usefulness of this feature.

First and foremost, the D-rings serve as a tie-off point for the Sleepy Dust Hood which is included in both the Little-Pick-Me-Up (LPMU) and Barefoot Bucklebu (BB) patterns.   The hood ties extend from the casings on the hood and can be looped through the D-ring and tied.

2015-07-27 15.57.04
Now for the cool stuff. The D-rings can be used to enhance the functionality of your carrier.

D-ring Accessories
I was shopping the other day at Home Depot and ran into these cute and colorful carabiners for just over a dollar each:2015-07-27 15.33.25

They are sold in lots of colors (blue, purple, pink, green, red, orange) so you can match them to your carrier:

And clip your car keys to them

2015-07-27 15.47.16

[Watch out for that panic button!  Or just attach the keys when you’re using a back carry so little hands can’t reach]

I also like to attach a smaller wristlets when I’m using a back carry:
2015-07-27 15.53.31

This is the Ju-Ju-Be ‘Be Quick‘ wristlet. It’s actually pretty big for a wristlet. It can fit a diaper, wipes, and other small trinkets which is great for trips when I want to leave the diaper bag behind.

I also find the D-rings particularly handy for hooking up teethers.

You can make your own with maple teething rings

Attach your favorite babywearing necklace
[this is a Babilovlinks necklace from the Kara collection]

2015-07-27 15.41.21

Or add a toy

Last but not least, I hang my carriers by the D-rings on command hooks for quick and easy storage

Leave me a comment if you think of any other creative uses for the D-rings!