The Barefoot Bucklebu is the latest Sew Toot digital sewing pattern


This is an alternative onbuhimo style carrier that is secured by plastic hardware (buckles or tension locks) instead of traditional wrap ties/rings.

Design Features:

  • Adjustable Strap Length via PFA’s
  • 3 Body Panel Sizes —   Infant, Tweeny Tot, Toddler
  • Leg Padding
  • Underarm Joint Hardware Option —   Buckle or Tension Locks
  • Optional sternum strap
  • Flat style hood

About the Design:

When I was creating the pattern for the Barefoot Bucklebu, I was designing with a “one-size-fits-most” mentalDSC_0149 (2)ity. From designing The Little Pick-Me-Up (LPMU) pattern I have learned that wearers can have extremely different preferences on what is comfortable, what makes a good fit, etc.  So this time around I wanted to keep things simpler and leave the option open for changes.

There is a sternum strap option in the pattern, though it is not required.  I personally don’t find it necessary because the straps are worn so tightly anyway but again, each wearer will have different preferences.


Panel sizes are NOT based off of the LPMU pattern, so please read over the sizing in the e-Book and determine your size from there.

The body panels on the Barefoot Bucklebu (BB) are designed to come up a bit higher than some traditional onbuhimos. The panel will sit right around the shoulder blades for each respective size. The cool thing about this design is that more fabric can be pulled up between the legs to make the panels rise shorter.

To determine which panel size you should choose,  measure from the shoulder blades, down the back to the bottom, through the legs, and up to the navel. That measurement in conjunction with the width of the child sitting crossed legged will help to determine the best fit.

Age range:
Though one of the panel sizes is called “infant” please note that the pattern is designed for unassisted sitters and older.  Very small infants are at an extreme fall risk in this style of carrier because of the large side openings.  Please do not take the chance with a small baby in this carrier style– the LPMU is a much better choice for young infants.

The BB can be used for front and back carries.

20150705_194935 (2)