Allow me to share my secret to printing PDF sewing patterns inexpensively.

I bought a refillable ink kit on Amazon for $14 shipped to see if it was really as great as everyone was saying. I usually spend about $18 for a black ink cartridge so I figured it was worth the risk to try it.
The kit included 3 bottles of black ink and 3 color bottles (cyan, magenta, yellow), and the injectable syringes with tips.

It’s been a year and I’ll never go back to paying outrageous amounts for ink. I’ve refilled the black cartridge so many times and I haven’t even gone through one bottle yet!

Each ink cartridge refill literally costs me just pennies.  One black bottle of ink contains 300mL of ink.  When I refill a cartridge I use about 5mL of ink.  The kit contains 900mL total which equates to 180 REFILLS! That is just .07 cents per refill!

This is a perfect solution for printing PDF patterns from home and saving ink!

Here is the kit that I bought from Amazon.

Let me know how it works for you!