This week we’re celebrating hitting 7,000 members in our Facebook group from 99 different countries around the globe!

Our community is really something to celebrate and we’ve impressed the world with our creations. Just a few years ago DIYing a soft-structured carrier wasn’t so simple. It was for commercial manufacturers and a handful of skilled artisans. We’ve opened the door to comfortable and affordable baby carriers for the entire world and I think that deserves to be celebrated.

I’m proud of the can-do spirit in this community. I love to see first-time carrier makers sharing their makes and veterans improvising and making each carrier unique and special.  This community offers so much help and inspiration. I’m so happy to be a part of it.

To kick off our celebration, all patterns are Buy 1, Get 1 free through 11/26. 

[only on – BOGO discount of equal or lesser value]



I’ve been working on this one behind the scenes for you guys and it lined up with the 7,000 member milestone perfectly!
You can grab it for FREE as part of the celebration!
>>>  Head over to the FB group  to grab the promo code [opens in new tab].

The post graphic looks like this:
[Make sure to grab this one by itself with the promo code in order to get the best BOGO deal on patterns!]


Turn on group notifications because we’ll be doing a few giveaways this week (which might include some wrap fabric from my fabric stash!).



For those of you who are new to our community, I’m Devan and the face behind the patterns.  I’m an Army wife and homeschooling mom to four kiddos (7, 5, 3, 0).  Babywearing has been such a huge part of my journey as a parent and has helped me to juggle everything that I have going on.  My mission is to make baby carriers affordable and accessible to everyone.   If you want to know more about my day-to-day life, follow me on Instagram!