Carrier Sizing

One of the most frequently asked questions here at Sew Toot is “how do I know what size to make?”  While there are suggested age ranges for each style and size of carrier, the most foolproof way to determine which body panel size to make is to measure your child.  This post will walk you through the measuring process.

General Size Ranges Based Upon Age

Baby –  7 months and under
Standard –   until at least 12 months (it is rare to size out before 12 months)
Tweeny Tot  –  15+ months
Toddler –  2+
Preschool –  3+


Measuring for Seat Width

To measure for seat width, hold your child against you in the seated ‘M’ position (bottom should be lower than the knees).  With a flexible measuring tape, measure from the underside of one knee, under the bottom, and to the other knee. This should give you a very accurate width measurement.



Measuring for Panel Height

What measurement to take for panel height will depend on which Sew Toot pattern you are using.  A few of our carrier patterns form a seat as the fabric is pulled up between the child’s legs (The Riser and The Voyager).  You’ll notice that these panel dimensions seem much taller than the other carrier patterns, so don’t be alarmed. Be sure to follow the individual instructions for measuring for height based on the pattern you are creating a carrier from.