Babywearing:  helping parents get things done for millenia.


While Kangaroo Care has been only been a buzzword in recent years, the practice of babywearing can be traced back to ancient times.  This is my speculation, of course, but I imagine the first babywearers were not much different in their aims for babywearing– just parents wanting to keep their babies close while crossing tasks off of their to-do lists.  Maybe it wasn’t EXACTLY like that, but the point is that babywearing has been helping parents for ages.  This isn’t a “fad”, this is simply timeless parenting practice.

The benefits of babywearing are incredible.  Dr. Sears, a famous pediatrician, discusses some of the benefits in this article.  Of course one of the most notable benefits from the article is that babies who are worn are more likely to cry less. And what’s not to love about that?

Proper Positioning

Not all baby carriers are created equally.  Infants are in a critical stage of hip development so positioning while wearing is very important.  The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) recommends the following positioning for infants being worn in baby carriers.




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